Registration/Entry Fees

CategoryTimeEntry Fee
Pro Cat 1-2 Men70 Min$70.00
Cat 3 Men60 Min$45.00
Cat 4/Novice 39 and under Men45 Min$40.00
Cat 4/Novice 40+  Men45 Min$40.00
Master 40+ Cat1/2/345 Min$40.00
Pro Cat1/2 Women70 Min$70.00
Cat 2/3/4 Women30 Min$30.00
Junior 10-18 Cat 3-4-Novice (Cat 5)30 Min$15.00


Please Note:

  • Cat 4- Novice Men will race for one prize purse but be scored separate for the points series 
  • Request a team discount that cross categories use the following link

    Team Discount Form

    Request a category change use the follow link

    Change Form Link

  • Only Novice riders may purchase a One Day License for $15.00
  • All other categories may purchase a One Day License for $25.00 except for the Pro Cat1 Men and Pro Cat 1/2 Women Categories

Video and Photography Consent

This is formal notice that any or all images of entrants in American Criterium Cup races or onsite at the race venues may be used by the local event promoter, ACC management, and its agents for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes. Riders not wanting to allow the use of their image can do so by not entering the race. By entering a race, each entrant gives consent for use of his/her name and photographic likeness to the promoter and its agents.,