Registration/Entry Fees

CategoryTimeEntry Fee
Pro Cat 1 Men70 Min$70.00
Cat 1/2/3 Men60 Min$40.00
Cat 4/Novice Men45 Min$40.00
Master 40+ Cat1/2/345 Min$40.00
Pro Cat1/2 Women70 Min$70.00
Cat 2/3/4 Women30 Min$25.00


  • Please Note:

    Request a team discount that cross categories use the following link

    Team Discount Form

    Request a category change use the follow link

    Change Form Link

  • Only Novice riders may purchase a One Day License for $10.00
  • All other categories may purchase a One Day License for $30.00 except for the Pro Cat1 Men and Pro Cat 1/2 Women Categories